WP8: Global Accelerator Network Multipurpose Virtual Laboratory

GANMVL Multipurpose Virtual Lab


WP 8 Test of the Global Accelerator Network using a Multipurpose Virtual Laboratory (GANMVL). The most likely scenario of a linear collider is that it will be built by a collaboration of existing laboratories, which will remain involved during the operation of the accelerator. Advanced means of communication will be necessary to support efficient collaboration. GANMVL is a project which will design and build a novel collaboration tool and test in on existing accelerator collaborations. The tool is a mobile communication centre which provides immersive video and audio capture and reproduction of an accelerator control room, a laboratory workplace environment or an accelerator hardware installation. It is able to connect to standard measurement equipment (scopes, network analyzers etc.) and to elements of accelerator controls and make these connections available to a remote client. The remote user should be enabled to participate in accelerator studies, assembly of accelerator components, trouble shooting of hardware or analysis of on-line data as if he or she would be present on site. The GANMVL project will provide valuable experience of a new way in designing, building and operating large accelerator complexes, and will address the important psychological and sociological issues of the Global Accelerator Network.

Electro Mechanical Implementaton
Artist view of possible MVL implementation

Internal Links
MVL Tool, Shaping Collaboration, Geneva, 11-13/12/06
GAN – MVL User Survey Some design Implications
Remote Operation @ ELETTRA
Report of Installation and Test of the first Prototype
The Multipurpose Virtual Laboratory:
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Ferdi Willeke, DESY



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