WP7: Metrology and Stabilisation

WP7 covers three related areas critical to the LC: fast, reliable and accurate survey techniques and monitoring of component locations; active stabilisation techniques of critical components (e.g. final doublet Interaction Region, IR, quadrupoles); measurement of ground vibration spectra at various potential LC sites around the world, and their subsequent characterisation in terms of (for example) so-called ‘'cultural noise'’. Specifically, WP7 will: develop a laser interferometer based mobile survey system (Linear Collider Alignment System, LICAS) suitable for rapid and accurate survey of the LC; perform studies of active and passive stabilisation techniques for critical accelerator components, including a study of industrially available products; develop (refine) state-of-the-art vibration spectrum measurement techniques, and apply them to cataloguing and characterising ground motion spectra from many sites around the world (please see the link above). The R&D and results provided by this WP will form critical input to beam dynamics simulation work in WP6.

WP Coordinator


Andrea Jeremie, LAPP



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External Links
  • Homepage of ground vibration spectra
    vibration spectra This homepage is a database of measured ground motion in many sites around the world. The sites studied encompass both synchrotron light sources and high energy laboratories
  • WP7 Kick-off Meeteing
    Kick-off Meeting on Metrology and Stabilisation for Linear Colliders, 11th March 2005, LAPP, Annnecy, F