WP5: Diagnostics

The predicted luminosity performance of the linear collider relies heavily on novel beam diagnostics. The designs of several of these devices are either still at the conceptual stage, or require a performance which is currently beyond that which is available in existing facilities. The Diagnostics WP has chosen to focus on the following critical devices: development of an indestructible beam profile monitor based on laser Compton scattering (the so-called laser-wire) with the goal of producing a robust and reliable prototype device for emittance tuning and monitoring; R&D towards critical beam position, frequency and charge monitors, capable of resolving individual bunches in a bunch train with the required high precision; high-energy magnetic chicane spectrometers capable of measuring the beam energy to an absolute accuracy better than 10ƒ{4; development of precision laser-based polarimeters, and fast luminosity monitors (critical for LC tuning).


WBCM: Electrostatiic PU (CERN)

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Grahame Blair, RHUL