WP2: Beam Delivery System

Dipole and Kickers

Advanced BPMs

The Beam Delivery System (BDS) refers to the beam transport section from the exit of the main linacs to the Interaction Point (IP) and finally to the main beam dump. The BDS serves three primary functions: post-linac beam halo collimation; strong demagnification of the beams at the IP to the required nanometre beam heights; post-linac diagnostics (emittance measurement, polarisation, energy spectrometry). The BDS WP has decided to focus on the following critical items (as identified by the ILC-TRC): design of the post-linac collimation system; prototyping of fast beam-based feedback systems; engineering design of crab-crossing RF cavity systems; studies of superconducting final doublet quadrupoles in the presence of strong fields. The BDS WP will interact with activities in the Diagnostics WP (WP5), Integrated Luminosity Performance WP (WP6), and Metrology and Stabilisation WP (WP7).

WP Coordinator


Deepa Angal-Kalinin, CCLRC



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