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Official EUROTeV Documents (Proposal, Contracts, etc.)

Proposal Phase:
Contractual Matters:

Annexes to the contract:
"Description of Work" and amended
application/pdf amended (455KB)
application/pdf Annex II (281KB)
"General Conditions"
  • Annex III - n/a
  • Annex IV - Form A Accession to the Contract (signatures of institutes)
"Request for Accession of a New Contractor to the Contract"
"Model of Financial Statement"

(special clause 23), April 2006.

  • Accession of new Contractor (Transition CCLRC to STFC)
  • Extension of contract to end of 2008
Financial Overview:
at the start of the project
EC Guidelines:
Edition March 2006
earlier version (Edition April 2005)
relating to Indirect Actions of the Sixth Framework Programmes (Version February 2005)


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