EUROTeV: European Design Study Towards a Global TeV Linear Collider


28 European institutes have joined forces to participate in a Design Study for a Linear Collider in the TeV energy range. After the recommendation of the ITRP for the superconducting technology a worldwide effort has been started to realise the International Linear Collider (ILC) as a truly world-wide project under the guidance of the Global Design Effort (GDE).

EUROTeV addresses some of the high ranking issues identified by the Technical Review Committee with the aim of delivering significant input to the ILC Conceptual Design Report (CDR) and thereafter the ILC Technical Design Report (TDR). EUROTeV will serve as a major branch of the European Design Team for the ILC.

The consortium of 27 institutes has submitted a bid in March 2004 to the Sixth Framework Program (FP6) of the European Commission, and subsequently received strong recommendations for funding.

EUROTeV comprises of the following scientific Work Packages:

These activities are expected to be complemented by studies in the Americas and in Asia to enable the complete design of a linear collider in the TeV-energy range. In addition EUROTeV includes investigations of the upgrade path into the multi-TeV energy regime.


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